Ancestor Prayer

Ancestral frith keepers

Hail to our fore-mothers! Hail to our fore-fathers!
We hail ancient mothers, hail ancient fathers!
We hail founding mothers, hail founding fathers!

Grant us wisdom, wealth and warmth.
Grant us strength, knowledge and skill.
Grant us welfare and ever fruitful frith.

We call fore-mothers and fore-fathers
of the many traditions and world-views,
of the many beliefs and movements
on this fine earth:

Work together with us, your descendants,
so that we and our future generations
may live in freedom, safety and frith.

Once more wake up the silent voices.
So the voice of reason may resound again.
Rekindle the spirit to fight for frith.

For everything dear to us on this earth:
fight for frith now, give peace a chance!
Uphold peace with head, heart and hands.
It’s worth living and loving for!

Today we nourish
the flame of frith and freedom!
Today we nourish
the flame of tolerance!
Today we nourish
the flame of solidarity!

© Frigga Asraaf