Flame of Frith

Flame of Frith is a heathen initiative for safety and solidarity, freedom and friendship, peace and plenty. We are a prayer group of people from all over the world. Through prayer and ritual we offer healing to the world.

We live in troubled times and dark forces grow. Spirits call peace keepers amongst mankind to gather and join forces! Each of us, in our own way, is able to feed the flame of frith, alone or in a group. Sing, drum and dance to spin frith into the web of wyrd!

Frith spirits call us to wander between the worlds. They call us to come to the frith garth where a fire is burning and our seidr work for frith and freedom, safety and solidarity flares up the flames. The firth garth welcomes all peace keepers: people, ancestors, gods, spirits of all traditions, beliefs and philosophies of life willing to work together for the good of all living beings from the smallest living creature to the earth itself.

The flame of frith is a fire that burns in many of us! A strong desire to fight for what we value: a thriving planet, safety and solidarity, frith and friendship, peace and prosperity for all, the good and giving earth, flora and fauna and mankind alike.

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